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Cambodia Shuts Down Schools Due to Covid-19

Cambodia School Closure

For a certain period of months that the schools have been reopened stage by stage and fully opened after the first closure. Now, due to Covid-19 community spread seriously, Cambodia has decided to shut schools and some businesses nationwide.

What Made the Government to Close all Schools Again?

Cambodia was also proudly declaring the world safest country to travel from Covid-19. Unfortunately, right after the first Vaccine being inoculated in Cambodia. There was a big Coronavirus outbreak found in Phnom Penh and Kandal province. This outbreak event called the 20 February Community Event. From this event and by 20th March 2021, there are a total of 1690 cases of Covid-19 infection. However. 950 patients have been cured and 3 died, leaving a total of 735 inpatients.

Even though, this 20th February Community Event is the most serous event in Cambodia, the government only restricted to some certain areas. Those are Phnom Penh, Kandal and Sihanoukville. The restriction applied to some school closure, venues shutting down and location limit accesses. The other parts of the country were still up ongoing as normal. Just yesterday, 20th March 2021, after finding a Virus infector whom involved in the 20 Feb Event got in contact with SiemReapers when he took some self treatment at 4 local clinics.

This is the second case since the 20 February event happening in Siem Reap. The first one was a lady got infected from Sihanoukville made a market and some schools in Puok, Western district of Siem Reap to shut down. This second case occurred from Kandal province made the whole district of Kuok Chak where Angkor Wat temple located to close all traffic.

From this event in Siem Reap, the government has decided to shut down all the schools and others as mentioned above. To better control and prevent further community virus outbreak.

General School Closure in Cambodia

Just yesterday evening, 20th March 2021, MoEYS of the Royal Government of Cambodia called on the country to close all schools. This temporary closure could take up to 14 days as the minimum Covid-19 quarantine time. In the following day today, March 21st, 2021, other ministries have also announced the closure of the services and institutions under their management as well. For instance, the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training has closed all the vocational schools and institutions. And Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts has closed all the cultural performances, museums, theaters, entertainment centers and club etc.

Sam’s School (AKC School) Closure for Two Weeks

As you may know already that Sam, the author of Sam Inspire has run a school called Angkor Kids Center (AKC) and an NGO called ALL FOR KIDS ORGANIZATION (AFK) for a certain period of years. According to the official announcement on AFK and AKC website, the school will be closed for two weeks. Here is part of the news released:

From the above reference, and in a well cooperation with the Royal Government of Cambodia and local authorities, the management and staff of Angkor Kids Center (AKC) school would like to shut down all our classes for the first period of two weeks from this Monday 22nd March 2021 onward. The classes should be back on the 5th April 2021, with respect to the government decision with subject to the situation during this period.

The AFK full time team will work in the office as normal to prepare the lesson materials, classbooks photocopy making, administration work as well as looking after the farm and more. Samnang will also create some English Grammar Lessons in the Khmer Learning Context to be posted on the AFK YouTube Channel. Therefore, we are fully available to answer any of your concerns during this time by phone call and email, but not in-person visit.

At least but not last, they thanked for all support and kind understanding so far especially our parenting foundation Helpucation e.V. Please take this note as the official announcement toward to all donors, stakeholders, families and students.

Finally, Sam Inspire and all our family wish there won’t be other cases found linking to this event especially from this case in Siem Reap. And hopefully the 20 February Community Event will end the soonest possible.

We would like to convey a message to all our friends in Cambodia to follow the 3 Do’s and 3 Don’t’s to prevent Covid-19.

With our loves and regards from Sam Inspire family in Cambodia.

Note: This article is for information purpose only, no liability will be taken for legal or official reference. Revisions could be done at the author’s discretion.

SAM INSPIRE family hopes you find this information useful to your research. This article is the reflection of Mr. Sam’s findings. If you need further support, please feel free to contact Sam, he will be so happy to do more steps to help you out.

Thanks for being part of Sam’s journey, Sam Inspire – Cambodia Travel and Event Blogger – the Power of 3 E’s, Energize, Educate, Empower.

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