Why Cambodia Teambuilding and Seminar Destination 2023

Company Outings, Corporate travel, face to face Conference, and almost the entire MICE and team building industry was in severe crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. Domestic and international Flights were grounded, international travel minimized to the absolute essential and executives and high rank and field staff encouraged to work from home.

Not different from many other parts of the world, Cambodia’s tourism and MICE business suffered badly, especially Siem Reap when 90% of small and medium-sized business were wiped out. Thousands of tourism related jobs were frozen, left all those experts jobless and forced to catch other careers.

However, with situation improvement and government has lifted many restrictions and pay a great focus on the tourism recovery.  Check our Cambodia Tourism Update article here:

Cambodia Travel Advice 2022

The country carefully reopens the borders for tourism, corporations where have been bored to work from home. The constant isolation and having nearly zero human contact, has taken a big toll on their performance. Corporations are willing to travel again, and executives ready to bond with their fellow colleagues on a more intimate level than was possible during the pandemic.

With three on-operational international airports and few other huge airports on construction as well as plenty of capable hotels with event and meeting facility, Cambodia has many more aces up their sleeves. Along with the fresh and virgin destinations with cost-competitiveness, cultural attractions, natural beauty or a buzzing nightlife, Cambodia will once again be on the center of the international MICE travel map.

So why should you travel to Cambodia for your upcoming meeting or team building event? What makes Cambodia so enormously attractive?

The following are some tips of why Cambodia is your Teambuilding and Event Destination in 2023. Please note that there are several links to our partner company Beunite for production highlight purposes.

  1. Angkor Wat temple is still the world number one attraction located in the heart of Cambodia, Siem Reap. By this Q4 2022, MICE travel to Siem Reap are back in full force again. To incorporate your event agenda, why not giving yourself this little cherry on the cake, and engage your staff in a fun and meaningful Angkor Wat Amazing Race. The Mystery of Angkor is a puzzling scavenger hunt for small groups exploring Angkor Wat by mountain bike or by local Khmer Tuk Tuk.

Last but not least, Sam Inspire has built a Destination Presentation for Cambodia for your reference. Please contact Sam for a copy of informative and creative pitch.

For more information about team building in Cambodia, please contact us at +855 77 848 949 or send us an email to

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