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Cooking Competition Teambuilding

Introduction to Cooking Competition Teambuilding Cambodia

Are you looking for a team-building activity to include in your corporate staff party during Siem Reap team-building day?

Cooking competitions are a great way to engage your workforce or business partners, whether you are a MICE group traveling to Siem Reap or a company with a headquarters there. 

The process of customizing includes choosing the type of cuisine, the number of courses, the location, and the time frame for your event.

Participants are divided into teams for Khmer Cooking, and each team is given a cooking station, cooking tools, and ingredients.

A professional chef who received the most votes will invite the winner to witness their cooking show, in which they will show how to prepare each course.

This cook leader/future chef will guide their group in making the food as accurately as possible.

Drama and show are used to convey the judges’ tasting and voting processes. Only foods that are sufficiently authentic, tasty, and attractively presented to satisfy the judges are given points.

The winning team, which will get a prize, is the one with the most points at the conclusion of the competition.

Cooking Challenges Teambuilding Cambodia

Turn from being a kitchen cook to an excellent chef by learning the secrets and methods of Khmer cuisine from a professional.

Teams are taught the techniques and recipes for making the world-famous Khmer food by skilled cooks and chefs in a real restaurant setting.

Participants learn how to gather the necessary ingredients, produce paste and sauces, cook each meal to absolute perfection, and then plate it. Each team must cooperate to learn how to duplicate the dish, plate it, and present it for evaluation by the experts.

Teams are evaluated on their use of flavor, presentation, technique, and cleanliness. A few dishes are included in this half-day cooks and chefs team-building activity in Siem Reap, which can be added to a business lunch or dinner.

Sample Program Timelines

 ◦ 13:00 – Delegates meet at the restaurant location. Picking from the hotel to the restaurant could be also arranged upon request.

 ◦ 13:10 – Introduction to Cooks and Chefs Briefing.

 ◦ 13:20 – Chef’s demonstration – Starter

 ◦ Team representative observe and take notes a demonstration of how each dish before each round

 ◦ 13:40 – Teams make Dish 1

 ◦ 14:00 – Plating and judging Dish 1

 ◦ 14:20 – Chef’s Demonstration – Appetizer.

 ◦ 14:40 – Teams make Dish 2

 ◦ 15:00 – Plating and Judging Dish 2

 ◦ 15:10 – Break for refreshments

 ◦ 15:20 – Chef’s Demonstration – Main Course and Dessert – 2 Dishes

 ◦ 15.40 – Teams make dishes 3 and 4

 ◦ 16.20 – Teams present their main dish for judging

 ◦ 16.30 – Event debrief, announce the winning Cooks and Chefs Team

 ◦ 17.00 – End of the event

Cooking Dishes / Activities

Event Objectives

The objective of a Cook and Chef Team-Building Activity is to teach participants how to prepare delectable Khmer cuisine, work together as a team, and use teamwork skills to assign responsibilities, carry out duties, and cook the meals within a set amount of time while having fun in a beautiful place.

Event Duration

This half day team building event is suitable for small to mid-sized groups of up to 50 participants with up to 4 dishes to cook over 3 hours. This event can be adjusted to shorter or longer durations and is great to combine with a corporate lunch or company dinner.

Target Clientele

Cooks and Chefs / Cooking Challenge Team building is ideal for corporate MICE groups looking to combine their meeting with a cultural and fun experience, particularly for those with an interest in food.


Prices started for this cooking workshop for 50 participants will be 99 USD per person inclusive a proper lunch. We can gear the cooking workshop towards traditional ingredients such as Kampot Pepper and many more. Negotiations are opened.

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