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Getting inspired and empowered by the landslide successes some Travel Documentaries “Grenzenlos – DIe Welt entdecken in Kambodscha” produced by Germany production companies and broadcasted to the European audiences, Sam has set Film Stringer and Line producer Services as part of core Sam Inspire business services in Cambodia.

Cambodia Travel Documentary Film Stringer

Here are some featured portfolios

"Grenzenlos - DIe Welt entdecken" in Kambodscha

The first one was Exotic Angkor to the Beach, the best discovery travel documentary ever, even Sam who is very experienced in destination management, he found this travel documentary was revealing so much of the hidden gems of Cambodian authentic and exotic lifestyles.

The second one was in Laos produced by the same producer as the first one. There are two videos but these was coordinated through a local partner not Sam directly.

This is part one of the travel documentary in Laos.

"Grenzenlos - Die Welt entdecken" in Laos - Teil 2​

The third one was in Laos as which is part of the one above, produced by the same producer as the Cambodia’s one. There are two videos but these was coordinated through a local partner not Sam directly.

This one is part 2 of the documentary.

Verwunschene Tempel und schwimmende Dörfer - Faszinierendes Kambodscha

The third one was filmed right just after the situation of Covid-19 has been loosened in Cambodia. The production company and the broadcaster in in Germany again.

To watch this video from the link on the right, please contact to any free Germany VPN. You still can watch from here, please go directly to the broadcaster link here “Verwunschene Tempel und schwimmende Dörfer – Faszinierendes Kambodscha” 

Cambodian Film Line Producer
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Through all the above film production outcomes, right after getting the concepts from film director Sam conducted all the researches and drafted the storyboard. He did the location check and choose the protagonists. Most importantly is the filming permission and culture shock prevention. Through the rich network to different sectors, from government bodies, to non-profit organization, and local people’s specialties, Sam liaised with right people and authorities for the Filming permits, and code of conduct awareness. This saves a lot time, money, and the image of the stakeholders, without going here and there.

Nevertheless, please bear in mind that Sam Inspire is just Film Stringer Service providers to support the film crews, overseas production company or to contract the local film crews and film production company. If you are looking for a full Film Production Company, Sam Inspire could be not the right place for you, Sam Inspire does not has film gears supply.

Are you looking to film in Cambodia? Give Sam a try, you don’t lose anything but must earn something

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