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Introduction to Hybrid Conference & Event

In the past years, the event industry has undergone significant transformation due to the global pandemic. With the rise of virtual events and the ongoing need for in-person experiences both in Cambodia and around the world, hybrid conferences have emerged as a powerful solution to meet the diverse needs and preferences of attendees.

Hybrid conference management involves the seamless integration of in-person and virtual components, creating an inclusive and accessible experience for participants from around the world. This innovative approach requires careful planning, advanced technology, and thoughtful execution to ensure the success of both the physical and online aspects of the event.

Furthermore, effective hybrid conference management necessitates a strong focus on technical infrastructure and support. From robust internet connectivity and AV equipment to dedicated technical support teams, organizers must invest in reliable resources to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted experience for both virtual and in-person participants. This level of technological readiness is essential for delivering a high-quality event that transcends physical boundaries and provides a consistent experience for all attendees.

Hybrid Conference Clients and Portfolios

SAM INSPIRE Cambodia has been appointed by many corporates and institutions to run their Hybrid Conferences and events in Cambodia, especially Siem Reap, Angkor. As an example, here are some of the corporate and organization who had appointed SAM INSPIRE experts to support and manage the Hybrid events:

The Education Centre of Australia (ECA) hosted their in-person event with Hybrid Conference held at Sofitel Phokeethra Ballroom in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia in January 2023. You may watch the full event video highlight here:

Event & Destination Management Consultancy Siem Reap | SAM INSPIRE Cambodia Company Introduction

The Institute of Sustainable Communities (ISC) Thailand in partnership with USAID Phnom Penh to manage the IT technical work for their Hybrid conference on March 31, 2023 which was Live at Rosewood Phnom Penh hotel and went Virtually to the online audience and presenters on Zoom Webinar. You may watch the behind-the-scene event video highlight as following:

Hybrid Conference set up at Rosewood Hotel Phnom Penh by Sam Inspire Cambodia

The Health Security Partner (HSP) has supported us to end our 2023 by appointing our Hybrid conference experts to support and manage they Hybrid conference for three consecutive days held at Hyatt Regency Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Hybrid Conference System and Devices

Hybrid meeting and conference could come in its own forms of sizes and shapes. Therefore the system, software, and devices as well as the budget could follow the requirements. However, in most case, the following system work best for any professional conference or meeting setup.

Here are the Hybrid supporting devices that SAM INSPIRE supplied and managed the Hybrid system with Virtual meeting on Zoom Webinar and Live Visual with LCD screens of the build-in hotel fixtures, and Public Address System PA. The devices used to make it happen included full HD cameras, Ronin Camera, PTZ camera, Audio mixing Console, Video Mixer, Streaming and Feeding computers and some other software were in place.

Hybrid Meeting System Management Cambodia

To make event more equal, and more effective, a professional Interpretation were sometimes also provided. The translation was set available both to online platform system and in-person conference listeners. The basic system of interpretation for the cross languages of three languages such as Khmer speaking, English speaking and Chinese speaking in the same conference room. We have multi-channel Headsets for audience, Headsets for interpreters, Audio Translation System, Table / Gooseneck Microphones for Interpreters, Audio mixer consoles, and Translation Booths.

Challenges and What to Avoid on Hybrid Conference Management

One of the key challenges in hybrid conference management is creating a cohesive experience that fosters meaningful engagement for both in-person and virtual attendees. This involves leveraging interactive technologies, such as live streaming, virtual networking platforms, and audience polling, to facilitate real-time interaction and collaboration across different locations.

Beyond technical considerations, successful hybrid conference management requires a flexible and adaptable mindset. Organizers must be prepared to navigate unexpected challenges and adjust their strategies in real time, addressing the unique needs of both virtual and in-person audiences. This may involve implementing dynamic scheduling, accommodating last-minute changes, and leveraging data analytics to gauge participant engagement and satisfaction.


In conclusion, the rise of hybrid conference management signifies an exciting evolution in the event industry, offering a powerful opportunity to connect and engage with diverse audiences on a global scale. By embracing innovative technological solutions, prioritizing inclusive content delivery, and maintaining flexibility in their approach, event organizers can successfully navigate the future of events and deliver impactful, memorable experiences for participants, regardless of their physical location.

Looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, flexible, responsive event management company in Cambodia, find SAM INSPIRE Cambodia here. The experts at Sam Inspire understands well the language and terminologies the clients are communicating.

We are looking forward to bring your next successful event to your company or organizations soon.

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