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Post Pandemic Cambodia Travel Updates

Cambodia Travel Advice 2022

As of May 2022, travel in Cambodia is seemingly back to normal. With the significant success of Covid-19 vaccination rate at up to 93%, 15 millions out of 16 millions of the total population.

Sam Inspire is pleased to share with you 5 special updates related to travel tips and tourism updates in Cambodia in this late April and early May 2022 as following:

These are all the crucial updates for travel easing in Cambodia. All these information are not just on paper but this what Sam, the author of Sam Inspire who is a tourism and event expert in Cambodia has experienced with his travelers traveling on land and on air.

To proof that Sam has created this video tips along with an interview with his friend traveling on his own from Hong Kong on his Family YouTube Channel.

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If you have more questions or clarification, please leave Sam your concerns, Sam will be more than happy to answer directly or update this Post Pandemic Travel Update Cambodia article.

Having the most reliable travel, tour, and event in Cambodia is very important during this Pandemic. Sam could be your most trusted and knowledgeable consultant here. You can either appoint him as your local assistant or your broker here in Cambodia.

Note: This article is for information purpose only, no liability will be taken for legal or official reference. Revisions could be done at the author’s discretion.

SAM INSPIRE family hopes you find this information useful to your researches. This article is the reflection of Mr. Sam’s findings and experiences. If you need further support, please feel free to contact Sam, he will be so happy to do more steps to help you out.

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