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Sam Angkor

For almost two decades, Sam has been a noteworthy leader in the event and travel space. A renowned travel and event industry expert, Sam co-founded a growing company and served as a Managing Director but he decided to leave that company due to the pandemic. Sam can also be credited with contributions to the societies through his social conscious company and Non-profit organization, Angkor Kids Center.

Samnang known as a truly committed social entrepreneur has been honored with recognition as the hero back to his community. He currently resides in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia.

Sam has led an impressive career as a Managing Director at a travel and event company and Founding Director at a Non-Profit organization within his 15 years working career in the travel, event and social industry. Sam has been featured in several well-known industry publications, including SAT.1 German TV, Luxury travel advisor, Thailand Lifestyle.

Due to the Pandemic, Sam has moved back a huge step behind but on the brighter side. This means that instead of work for other commercial companies that he got offered, Sam moved back to his village and volunteered to teach English and other social and business skills to the students at his community and school. Sam spends his full time developing the TESOL curricula and overall organization.

Back to his serve as the Managing Director in the travel and event company, Sam played a major role in team capacity development, unique product building, and leading the company to the next and next level. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped a startup company become a merging DMC and event company in Cambodia.

Sam started his first professional job as a Senior Event Manager at a large Asian tour operator, helping M.I.C.E team with product, sales, and execution from 2006 to 2015.

A self-described social entrepreneur, Sam is a leader who is committed to team and product driven with deep social consciousness. He has spent the last 15 years actively serving his communities, even he has packed schedule at his office. And is currently most passionate about the work he is doing to influence and improve the life of local through his business and direct organization projects.

As a business person and social worker, together he turned himself to a happy social entrepreneur, Sam has developed a unique perspective when it comes to social entrepreneurship. Get inspired by his own story, people who believe in him and support him and his way of leadership, he aspires to develop his subordinates to the next stage.

What is more, Sam has contributed to a number of different industry charities/events/organizations. As normally started working for others and moved to set up and run his own. For instance, he founded a non-profit organization “All For Kids Organization” known as Angkor Kids Center and a Travel & Event company Asia Natural Tours. Started with just a laptop in a café to a 10 plus international employee.

Due to the difficult childhood and limited educational infrastructures. Sam has tried so hard to gain his professional career and business competencies. Most of his skills are just made from some intensive courses and self-improvement.

In his spare time, he like reading books and trying something new. He hates comfort zone therefore he already makes himself hard. Example, he discomforts with Public Speaking but he always grabs the stage opportunities from the most nervous to a stage addict.

Holding the position of Managing Director, Sam is responsible for leading and directing the company to grow. He always positioned himself in the frontline with a purpose to rolemodel for the team. On a mission to being a leading Destination Management Company, he is focused on improving the uniqueness of tours and event products and building up the team to the most advanced experts in the industry.

Similarly, the leadership at Angkor Kids Center as Founding Director, Sam plays the role as the model to his employee, volunteers and students.

He has been marked as the father of 300++ kids and the hero to the community. Sam has brought up his stories and spoken at several industry events, including events held at the school and business networking events direct on the site and skype conference.

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