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What Sam Inspire could help solve your problems?

If you have been through Sam’s background, you may already found what Sam Inspire could be your assistant in Cambodia. However, after going so broad, proud, Sam found his most appropriate zone at this late thirties. Event, Media and Social work are still his backbone, he decided to choose Team Building and Event management, and Filming Stringer and Coordination as his core services.

Teambuilding and Event Management Service

Film Stringer and Line Producer Service

The reason for doing teambuilding business is because it is meaningful. To make sure this business activities run smoothly that expert need extensive professional travel, event and social knowledge and experiences for over 15 years. To Sam, they are his skills, his passion, and his inspiration to work, to enjoy and to live.

Team building is a broad term, so what is the best and why Cambodia. In door activities are mostly the same for every teambuilding book readers, but the location, the venues, and the facilitators are the key values to filter for Cambodia destination. More specifically, Angkor archaeological complex is still a fresh and untouched to most part of the world including Asia. Sam is not just a city guy but was from a rural area and he still here and there because of the responsibilities, he need to take at his school Angkor Kids Center. From this perspectives, he is the only asset who could best measure and plan the most meaningful CSR programs.

Beyond his own capacities, Sam has built a loyal and long-term relationship and partnership with Mr. Rolf Graf, the founder of Beunite Asia. All the team building programs listed on Beunite website are what Sam and Rolf joining hands developed together. They are not dream and trial but already executed in Cambodia, mostly Siem Reap, Angkor, and Phnom Penh.

Sam Inspire is the Cambodia’s leading teambuilding event management company founded to create meaningful teambuilding event experiences with measurable return on investment. SI teambuilding experts are here to help our clients’ people come together to become better engaged, work together to better progressed and keeping together to better succeeded, back in the workplace.

Would Sam Inspire be able to offer services other than teambuilding?

As mentioned above, Sam has extensive knowledge and experience in working with international travel company and Non Profit organization. He has co-founded also a growing local destination management company before Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of the service elements that you consider consulting with Sam:

      • Exclusive ground event coordinator – be part of your company event organizer as your company staff

      • Contracted event service providers – arrange all your event need such as fleet, accommodation, attraction visit, special and existing dining venues, special and existing entertainments, AV and PROPs production, crews and expertised guide….

    From his viable career touches, Sam has been rebuilt resilient and productive network and connection in the industries. He will play a crucial focal jobs to serve all your need from any narrow angles in Cambodia.

    Learn more about our company, watch or download the company profile here:
    If you still don't find what you are looking for, here Sam is waiting to support you and guide you more.

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