Teambuilding Programs

Teambuilding Programs

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Before going too long, let us bring you with a glimpse of Teambuilding programs or activities during this post Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Why Cambodia

Angkor Temples

Angkor Wat is still the number one attraction in Cambodia, and Siem Reap, although still dead at the moment, is slowly recovering like a patient just out of the intensive care unit. By Q3 2021, MICE travel to Siem Reap will be possible again (with or without a vaccine passport), and why not giving yourself this little cherry on the cake, and engage your staff in a fun and meaningful Angkor Wat Amazing Race. The Mystery of Angkor is a puzzling scavenger hunt for small groups exploring Angkor Wat by mountain bike.

Meaningful CSR

Cambodia is still one of the poorest countries on earth and the rural population does not benefit from the economic growth as people in cities do. Therefore, your upcoming meeting or team building event in Cambodia will cost you considerably less than if you organized the same thing in Singapore or Hong Kong. How about you spend some of the money that you save in educational, or environmental projects? Or how about you organize a CSR team building at Sam founded Angkor Kids Center in remote Siem Reap?

Fresh & Accessible

Phnom Penh is one of the best and fresh host cities for your upcoming international meeting. You can fly in your executives from Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City or Hong Kong just as easily as you can travel around the city. The relatively small population. and a city center easily explored on foot, makes Phnom Penh perfect for our upcoming scavenger hunt or Amazing Race.

Virgin Coastal Islands

The islands in the South of Cambodia like Koh Rong, Koh Rong Salaem and many others are easily accessible from Sihanoukville, another marvel of a MICE and team building destination. Why not surprise your team with a Survivor Style adventure, a Robinson Crusoe with Raft Building, overnight stay in tents and trekking through the jungle. Raft Building challenges and Trekking adventures are also available in Siem Reap and it's surrounding National Parks.

Angkor Amazing Race Teambuilding

Siem Reap is one of the most popular MICE destination in 2018 and Angkor Wat a magnificent backdrop to your upcoming team building event. In the Amazing Race, delegates are split into teams and each team is equipped with a set of instruction sheets, a travel budget, a tour guide and one or several tuk-tuks. After planning their route, teams take-off to Angkor Wat world heritage site. Along the race, teams must take pictures, decipher clues and market for tourist souvenirs at the local market. The team who collects the most points along the way shall is the winning team and shall be awarded with a prize.

CSR Teambuilding Program

CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs are the social activities and event that company creates to give back to local community and the surroundings. Samrong Village is a small rural village about 30-min. drive from Siem Reap. The people who are living there are super friendly and hospitable but lack basic infrastructure, sanitation, electricity and education. It is our duty to help the underprivileged, and we combine our altruistic motives with a fun and engaging CSR team building event.

Indoor & Outdoor Teambuilding

Are you looking for a team building program for a limited budget? Are you intending to boost morale and energy of your workforce? Is relationship building an objective for your off-site? Is it important that your group has fun, and engage in emotional bonding through competitive games? Is having fun more important than learning? Then book a preliminary date for our Fizzy team building program by email

Phnom Penh Scavenger Hunt

Phnom Penh Amazing Race teambuilding is a combination of team building and sightseeing and your team takes responsibility to explore the city while competing in this fun, interactive and engaging scavenger hunt. Players are empowered to make decisions and navigate their way through unknown territory, and each team is held accountable for winning or losing points. Are you looking to organize a teambuilding in Phnom Penh, then

Cooking Competition Teambuilding Cambodia

Are you looking for a team-building activity to include in your corporate staff party during Siem Reap team-building day? Cooking competition is a great way to engage your workforce or business partners, whether you are a MICE group traveling to Siem Reap or a company with a headquarters there. Click the image above to read the full program!

Casino Royale and Cocktail Making Team Building Program for Dinner Event

Casino Royale is perfect for corporate groups with a mixed audience, and participants from all nations will be delighted. The pre-dinner cocktail making activity is more appreciated by the Western clientele while the Asians go nuts at the Casino Games. For Muslim groups, we provide non-alcoholic cocktails. Click the image above to read the full program!

Learning with Fun - Indoor and Outdoor Teambuilding Program

Are you looking for a fun, but meaningful team building program during your next meeting, team outing, offsite or corporate training program? Are you intending to boost morale and energy of your group? Is relationship building an objective for your trip? Is it important that your group has fun, and engage in emotional bonding through competitive games? Is having fun while learning is important to your group? If the answer is Yes to all, then we are invite you to partake in our Learn with Fun team building program. Click the image above to read the full program!

DISC Workshop Training in Cambodia

DISC is a psychometric assessment tool to measure a person’s tendencies or pattern of behavior. The DISC model discusses four reference points of behavior, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.
Click the image above to read the full program!

Our Leadership

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the progress, working together is a success. – Ford Henry

Sam is the founder of Sam Inspire Cambodia which is the appointed Beunite Thailand associate founded by Mr. Rolf Graf.

Sam Chhon

Founder & Director - Sam Inspire Cambodia

Rolf Graf

Founder & Director - Beunite Thailand and Asia

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The whole event was managed professionally and efficiently by Sam. The travel, accommodation, and social events in the evenings including cocktails and dinners in local restaurants were organised perfectly. In the event planning Sam was always available to help answer questions and was on hand throughout the event to ensure everything ran smoothly. The team build sessions with Rolf were fun and engaging and everyone loved the tour around the temples. Comments from the team included: “Best kick-off ever” and “venue, schedule, balance was all well planned and executed.”
Oliver Johnson,
General Manager

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