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Wat Athvea Temple Fact & Travel Tips

Wat Athvea temple is one of the best preserved temples but mostly forgotten by visitors to Siem Reap in Cambodia. This temple fact and travel tips article will feature the reasons of why visitors should visit Vat Athwea temple from the travel expertise, author of Sam Inspire, Mr. Samnang Chhon.

Wat Athvea Temple Facts

The word “Athvea” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning route, path, way. According Chuon Nath, Khmer dictionary, it is written អធ្វា (Athvea) comes from អធ្វ័ន (Athvaon) meaning ផ្លូវ ឬ ដងផ្លូវ just to refer to all route related words mentioned above. Wat (វត្ត) also from Bali and Sanskrit meant place where monks lives same as monastery or pagoda. We can’t find the full meaning, these are just some references of the what each word meant. Wat Athvea just simply means the name of Wat Athvea ancient Temple and name of Athvea Pagoda.

Wat Athvea temple seems to be built during 12th century in the reign of King Suryavarman II (1113-1150 AD), the same king who built Angkor Wat, and Beng Mealea (read article about Beng Mealea temple) and more. However, there hasn’t any clear inscriptions or evidences to certify this induction yet even several inscriptions were there but those belonged to later states. The reference to say this Athvea temple built in Angkor Wat temple period because this temple facing West, just another temple with entry from the West after Angkor Wat temple. Moreover, the architectural designs, decoration and some other elements could be used as references.

[Feeling loves the temple already, let Sam’s kids bring you the beauties and peace of Wat Athvea temple on his family YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, in answering to the question of what or who this Wat Athvea temple dedicated to, AMS article by Sok Keo Sovannara – សុខ កែវសុវណ្ណារា says “One point is, any temples built facing west were built for dedicating to Vishnu Hindu god”. In the article also using the reference of a French researcher Mr E. Aymonier (1900. Le Cambodge, Tome II, Paris.) stating that this temple firstly was built for serving Brahmanism but at later stages, it was served in Buddhism. This is acceptable, most temples were swapping around from one reign of a king who follow to another king’s religion because Brahmanism and Buddhism were existing in Cambodia since 1st Century of the Funan (Nokor Phnom). And as for now, we can see a Buddhist temple is actively allocated the compound of the ancient Wat Athvea already.

Wat Athvea Temple Travel Tips

Prasat Vat Athvea is in the vicinity of Athvea Buddhist pagoda just within 5 km from Old Market. Located in Krasang Roleung Village, Por Banteay Chey Commune, Siem Reap District and Province.

To find the visual location, let’s have a drive with Sam to his property just to next door in his YouTube video. He will tell where Wat Athvea is located from Old Market roundabout.

Even though, Wat Athvea is just a few kilometers from most hotels in Siem Reap. Visitors can just skip their 10 minutes reading to visit this worth-visiting temple. Unfortunately, it is mostly forgotten by the both local and international tourists. This because, this temple is on the other side of the main temples of Angkor. Wat Athvea located to the South of Siem Reap center, while Angkor Wat temple and other main temples are on at the North of Siem Reap. On the other hand, most Tour planners themselves overlook the beauties and the surrounding diversities of this temple.
To the extend of Sam’s view, visiting Vat Athvea temple has a lot of plus such as: visitors could see the ancient temple and modern Buddhist temple at the same time. Visitors could see the daily village authentic livilhood from kids school time to home family because Wat Athvea is nestling and neighboring with many villages.

As a group member of Angkor group temple, visiting Wat Athvea ancient temple requires non-Cambodian visitors to hold valid Angkor visitor pass. However, pass is not required to just visit the Buddhist Monastery of Wat Athvea.

As of 2021, the entrance fees to sites in Siem Reap and other popular neighboring attractions are as following:

Complex / Site NamesPrices No of Day Remarks
Angkor Temple Group
+ Beng Mealea
USD 371 DayMultiple Entries
Angkor Temple Group
+ Beng Mealea
USD 622-3 DaysMultiple Entries
Angkor Temple Group
+ Beng Mealea
USD 724-7 DaysMultiple Entries
Kulen National ParkUSD 201 DayLast entry 12:00
Koh Ker templesUSD 151 DayUpdated 2020
Preah Khan Kompong SvayUSD 51 DayTo be Updated!
Sambo Preikuk temple groupUSD 101 Day 
Preah Vihea templeUSD 101 DaySeparate rental:
Motordub (10$ per motorbike)
or 4×4 car (25$ per car) needed
Note: Angkor ticket Promotion valid until 25th June 2020, Angkor Visit Pass holders will receive the following incentive: One-day pass is upgraded to two days, three-day pass to five days and seven-day pass to ten days.

The best tour tip is to combine with Wat Athvea temple with Phnom Krom hilltop temple and Chong Khneas floating village on Tonle Sap. You can also stop over for Cambodian typical picnic in the Lotus farms and many other choices. As for locals Phnom Krom Ecotourism Recreational Park is the best place for picnic and photo spots in their beautiful fish ponds, flower garden and fruit farms…

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