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Equinox Angkor on 23 March 2021 the World Best Sunrise

Equinox Angkor Wat 2021, 23 March

No mater how many times you have been to Angkor Wat temple, this time is different and exclusively amazing! This article includes a video featuring the best Equinox Angkor on 23 March 2021. This is the best Sunrise ever when the run is just rising over the central tower of Angkor Wat temple. This YouTube video itself is created by Sam Inspire Angkor channel in a Livestreaming style with a minimum edit. What special about this video, in addition to the Angkor Equinox itself, Sam also brings you the full tours of Angkor Wat from the complete dawn to full sunlight, from different exterior corners to the top floor of Bakan tower, from a few people at Equinox to zero people on the causeway. This video is the exclusive property of Sam Inspire Angkor YouTube channel.

Please enjoy with Sam as following:

Video General Sections:

First part of the video is about the Sunrise from different corners and position at different time lapses, especially from Northern moat bank with spectacular view. Second part is about the tours inside the temple with climbing up Bakan Haven floor. Walking around some galleries and some more great pictures of Zero people at Angkor Wat main causeway where it used to be supper crowded. However, you will also find the Chapters of the video where you can jump to that section right away.

Angkor Equinox and Angkor Wat Tours Video Chapters:

Overview of Angkor Wat temple

Angkor Wat is closest Angkor temple to Siem Reap city in Cambodia, just within 7 km, . This temple is the world largest religious monument listed with the UNESCO world heritage in December 1992. Built to dedicated to Vishnu Hindu god but lately served as Buddhist temple. Therefore, you can see many remaining and decorations in both religions.

Entry fees: It is Angkor temple so Angkor ticket applied 37$ per day, 62$ up to 3 days, 72$ up to 7 days.

When is the Best Time to Watch Sunrise on Equinox Day?

From this 2021 experience of the Equinox close observer, the best time and day to watch Sunrise over the central tower of Angkor Wat temple is 22 March and 23 March for Spring Equinox. I believe, for Autumn Equinox of the Northern Hemisphere should not be different. Therefore you can reserve these two dates to spend you time at Angkor Wat to watch the amazingly spectacular Sunrise and temple of Angkor Wat.

This video one of many more episodes that Sam and his family creating to feature Virtual Cambodia Tours of Angkor temples, Beyond Angkor and its diversified surroundings during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

Please enjoy Cambodia while you are at home. Come back frequently or Subscribe to the Channel and get alerted.

If you are want to learn more about Equinox natural phenomenon and Angkor Equonox, please visit Sam Inspire earlier article titled Angkor Equinox 2021 with a lot more interested insights.

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