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Team Building vs Team Outing Events

What is Team Building and Team Outing event?

What is your understanding of Team Building and Team Outing?

Team building but Team Outing Event

Sam has shared his experience that – some company contacted him to run the teambuilding event for their sales team. Sam prepared a wonderful and lists of teambuilding games for them to review and show interest. What was a surprise is that, none of the activities had captured their interest. In return they gave a list of things to check and quote which were regular travel and tours logistics like type of accommodations, preferred restaurant styles, tours, one day to volunteer, available flights and airport etc. When Sam proposed this regular tours and travel plan with all details, they were happy and accept the booking. From his observation, their expectation was just being together in their team and going out somewhere, it is not really the Teambuildng event with lots of games and activities to meet a team or company team relationship building objectives.

Team Outing but Team Building

On the other hand, sometimes Sam got inquiries that they were looking to bring their company staff out overseas and Cambodia was on the list. This looked like a Team Outing trip or Staff travel Retreat or Staff Travel Incentive Trip. Sam’s team prepared a wonderful high-end travel product proposal with rich and varieties of exclusive and regular dining options, specialized tours and activities, and lot of more once in-a-life time experienced treatment… Unfortunately, all these efforts were just a waste of time. The companies did not understand anything because they did not expect those super fancy stuff and arrangement. In respond, they requested for hotel with adequate meeting space. They attached agenda where it showed gaps in between where they need Activities to get the Meeting Attendee get together. Mainly their need was to Energize their team in the meeting and back to office, to Educate them and get the learned the maximum from the event, and to Empower them to achieve more productivities both during the workshop and back to office. These requirements were truly a Teambuilding events.

How to Incorporate Team Outing with Team Building

From the above two scenarios, it is clearly defining the differences between team building event and team outing event. Nevertheless, these two terms are interchangeable, so it is always good and more professional, as the event experts and team building experts, to call the clients and clarify the expectation and objective of the events. However, Sam advises that the flexibility is the core to be the winner. The clients will not mind spending extra two minutes listening to your area of expertise since the Teambuilding and Outings could be combined. Then it is a Win Win situation. The clients benefit two things (outing and team building or teambuilding and sightseeing) at once and you too could increase your revenue of double sales.

Team Outing and Team Building Consultant Cambodia

Having lost, Sam is here to consult and help you plan a perfect teambuilding event and Staff outing to Cambodia.

Some people think team building activities are a waste of time and boring. But a correct way to designing team building programs (not copy and paste programs) will general a lot of fun where team spirit and event objective meet untold.

Here are a list of programs on the partner website from where Sam used to be part of and here he can be your point of contact:

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