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Rolf Graf – Founder Beunite
Founder @ Beunite Rolf Graf – Founder Beunite

Mr. Rolf Graf has been associated with Sam Inspire Cambodia as a teambuilding project leader. He intellectual and spiritual father of Beunite Thailand and the venture joiner with Sam Inspire. Rolf is married and father of two children. He has been living in South-East Asia for 20 years. He is in hospitality and education background. Rolf Graf is a serial entrepreneur, lead facilitator, trainer and coach and has led more than 100 training work-shops and team building events in his career. ​He lives in Bangkok, Surin and Siem Reap. During this pandemic Rolf founded Baan Cha Niang foundation, a Tree Planting project.

+66 846 290 507 rolf@sam-inspire.com