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For almost two decades, Sam has been a noteworthy leader in the event and travel space. A renowned travel and event industry expert, Sam co-founded a growing company and served as a Managing Director but he decided to leave that company due to the pandemic. Sam can also be credited with contributions to the societies through his social conscious company and Non-profit organization, Angkor Kids Center. Samnang known as a truly committed social entrepreneur has been honored with recognition as the hero back to his community. He currently resides in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia.
Samnang Chhon
Founder & Project Director
Rolf Graf – Founder Beunite
Founder @ Beunite
Tan Peng Ann
Board of Advisors for Singapore

What People Credited Sam

Here are some comments of the happy teambuilding and event customers that Sam has organized and co-organized in the past.
People Talk Too Much But Only a Few Write It
The stories are beautiful and the most powerful tools to Energize, Educate and Empower people. Without writing them down, it will disappear and can't be recalled.

SI Expertised Services

What Sam Inspire could help solve your problems? If you have been through Sam's background, you may already found what...

Teambonding program

Team bonding are fun, engaging and interactive activities designed to improve teamwork in the organization. Team bonding is often organized as part of an off-site or company outing.

Meaningful CSR Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects are designed to support rural communities and at the same time rise awareness of environmental and social issues and to engage business executives in meaningful encounters with the local population.

Meeting & Event Management

Meeting and Event management is the miscellaneous service offered to make the clients’ event run smoothly. This includes the accommodation, meeting rooms, meeting props, land logistics, AV production, staging, concierge service, sightseeing.

Organizational Change Training

Organizational change training is the overall effort of preparing your organization for the changes and challenges of tomorrow and to build a meaningful and healthy workplace. It includes learning workshops, assessments, team building, outings and consultancy.

Get Inspired with Sam's Stories & News

Sam shares his insights regularly in this blog section. Most of these are about his professional background, the journey that he gets inspired and knowledge that would benefit readers. All these reflecting the 3 E's as he moves. Anything made me hard to find, I will post them here, said Sam.
24 June 2022
Be a reliable and trustworthy destination consultant company in Cambodia with its business baseline to be socially and environmentally contributed. Sam Inspire Cambodia is pleased to feature the full meaning...
7 May 2022
As of May 2022, travel in Cambodia is seemingly back to normal. With the significant success of Covid-19 vaccination rate at up to 93%, 15 millions out of 16 millions...

Get inspired with Sam's Social Work

Sam has founded an local non-profit school offering free Education in rural Siem Reap area next to Angkor temples. Follow his journey and inspired to be happier for yourself.

Follow Sam on YouTube

Sam spends his weekend with his family to different special sites. During this Covid-19, he mostly nails down in Angkor area. Get the latest Travel and Event Tips from Cambodia!

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Since you don't lose any to have Sam counted to your teambuilding, event management, and film stringer service need, why not giving him a try. Sam is so pleased be part of your upcoming event projects in Cambodia. It will be his great pleasure to listen to your needs and challenges. With his broad and extensive destination and industry knowledge and to avoid any barriers of technical communication. It's worth having him to give you a free consultation by just fill the form on the right or Telegram / WhatsApp him to the under underneath number. Talk soon.
+855 77 848 949

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