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Sam shares his insights regularly in this blog section. Most of these are about his professional background, the journey that he gets inspired and knowledge that would benefit readers. All these reflecting the 3 E's as he moves. Anything made me hard to find, I will post them here, said Sam.
7 May 2022
As of May 2022, travel in Cambodia is seemingly back to normal. With the significant success of Covid-19 vaccination rate at up to 93%, 15 millions out of 16 millions...
9 January 2022
In order to the promote the none-smoke industry of Tourism sector to Cambodia, the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially the Ministry of Tourism has issued an announcement of the non-quarantine...

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For almost two decades, Sam has been a noteworthy leader in the event and travel space. A renowned travel and event industry expert, Sam co-founded a growing company and served as a Managing Director but he decided to leave that company due to the pandemic. Sam can also be credited with contributions to the societies through his social conscious company and Non-profit organization, Angkor Kids Center. Samnang known as a truly committed social entrepreneur has been honored with recognition as the hero back to his community. He currently resides in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia.

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